Based on the work of

Vex Xiang

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FlashTrek Fan-Created Trek Games by "Thecommandoboss"

Most of the games posted on this site are modifications of the work of Vex Xiang. All credit goes to him.
Mods were designed by "Thecommandoboss."

This is a site built to share new FlashTrek-related projects, such as:
   - FLASHTREK: DOMINION WARS - Based on the Dominion War, complete with a voiceover
   - FLASHTREK II - An extremely enhanced FlashTrek, with new ships, graphics, and gameplay
   - FLASHTREK: DEFIANT - a new game with a new engine, but similar in concept to Flashtrek Assault
- FLASHTREK: ASSAULT 2 - a new version of FlashTrek: Assault with new ships, abilities, and graphics  

As well as some unfinished games...

   - FLASHTREK: IMPERIAL WARS - Star Wars vs. Star Trek game based on the Romulan Wars game engine

If you have a suggestion for a game, please email me:
[email protected]